& renovation specialists.

We apply innovative design solutions to enhance people’s residential wellbeing and to help workplaces succeed! All our team collaborates with our clients!

We focus on collaborating with clients to meet your exact needs.  Our mission is to implement the outstanding design ideas and solutions for any project we’re working on. During that process we carefully combine client’s guidelines, technical possibilities, as well as the environmental issues. Engineering and interior design solutions that we deliver are usually born after a collaborative process.

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Our philosophy

Designing sustainable, high-performance buildings requires an integration of architectural and engineered systems into a balanced design of sustainability…


MEET Andree

When you call Extreme Custom Carpentry, you may be assured of the highest level of professionalism for your new build or renovation. We make sure that everything from the first saw cut to the last brush stroke is exactly as it should be, guaranteeing that our efforts will meet our highest standards – and yours. Andree has over 25 years experience in the carpentry industry. Andree was awarded with the highest theory award in trade school in 1996 and awareded first place in the Ontario Skills Competition in 1997. Andree has been licensed since 1998. 

our Amazing team

Our team consists of two licensed carpenters. Our foreman has over 17 years experience.